Exposure update in Cannes


For the upcoming season Charles.Cameron interior gallery has updated its French showroom interiors. In the very center of Cannes, on La Croisette Boulevard, there is an oasis of pure French luxury. Light and light wallpaper tones and luxurious carpets, lamps and chandeliers from the latest collections of famous designers and luxury furniture brought from Europe and the USA - our decorators did their best.

Among the most impressive new exhibits is the gorgeous grand dining room in the style of the Sun King Louis XIV. Here you will find elegant sofas and armchairs upholstered in patterned silk, a dining table and chairs with curved legs-cabriole, made of carved wood, painted in white. Incredible lightness and airiness distinguishes not only furniture, but also intricate chandeliers and chandeliers made of bronze and crystal. The decoration is complemented by stylish vases, cups and a luxurious wall mirror in the form of the sun, framed by golden rays.

The beautiful silver-blue boudoir bedroom continues the theme of beautiful France. Everything here - from the wallpaper design to the silk embroidered bedspread, amazes with the harmony of carefully selected shades and the quality of the finish. In the center of attention - a luxurious bed with a carved headboard. The interior is complemented by elegant Art Deco-style bedside tables and a soft stool, upholstered in light velvet.

In general, discreet shades of blue and gray are very fashionable this season. The new living room in the Scandinavian style with elements of Art Deco is designed in these colors. Clean lines and expressive interior accessories - table lamps and stylish posters - make the living room very cozy. But the front office looks quite traditional. Classic never goes out of fashion. There are wooden panels, and strict cabinets, and soft carpet, muffling sound of steps - everything that contributes to privacy and does not distract from work.

Even dressing rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are influenced by fashion. Renovated bathroom interiors and stylish kitchen in greyish-blue colors are thought out to the smallest detail. How do you, for example, frame-hanger for kitchen utensils above the island? Or an unusual design hood, reminiscent of the Marquis?

You can learn a lot of interesting ideas for decorating your home if you visit the updated Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery in Cannes!

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