Grandiose sale

Interior gallery Charles.Cameron offers a unique opportunity to purchase a premium kitchen Smallbone of Devizes from the exposition with a 70% discount!

The British brand Smallbone of Devizes has been recognized for more than 30 years as a recognized benchmark for creating masterpieces in the design and production of furniture. Each kitchen collection is inspired by a certain era or creativity of the great master, each has an original design accent and unique details. Smallbone uses only high quality wood, such as European oak, American walnut, maple, macassar tree. Worktops are made of marble, granite or solid wood. Glass, mirrors, polished steel and nickel - in the finishes. And of course - the unrivaled skill of manual coloring, the possession of numerous techniques - from historical to the most modern - gives each kitchen a unique individuality and charm.

Have time to buy furniture from the exposition Smallbone of Devizes at incredible prices!

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