Family tea parties in Charles.Cameron interior gallery
In honor of the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, Charles.Cameron interior gallery invites to family tea parties from July 8 to 14.
Charles.Cameron company is 10 years
On November 19, 2015, Charles.Cameron celebrated its 10th anniversary in the circle of dear people.
Meeting of two textile companies!
Moscow gallery Charles.Cameron became a meeting place for two famous textile brands.
Sewing textiles
Butler Service provides high-level service for the joint implementation of interior objects and the maintenance of finished projects.
Summer Sale at Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery
Charles.Cameron invites you to the Summer Sale of home decoration!
Exhibition High Point Furniture Market 2014
In April of this year, the main interior exhibition High Point Furniture Market was held in the United States.
Meeting with the ladies of the English club
In the end of May, the long-awaited meeting with the company's partners, members of the Moscow English Club, took place at the Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery in Moscow.
Presentation from Titchmarsh & Goodwin and Thibaut
In November, the long-awaited presentation from Titchmarsh & Goodwin and Thibaut factories took place at the Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery in Moscow.
Gift certificates!
Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery offers to purchase gift certificates of different denominations for the purchase of exclusive interior items.
Now in Cannes!
August 22 in the south of France, the Grand Opening of the interior gallery Charles.Cameron
A star of design world in Moscow!
On 9 April the Charles Cameron Interior Gallery invited guests to meet with Larry Laslo, the world-renowned American designer.
Master-class from the Royal Crown Derby and Ulivi Salotti Factories
The Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery never fails to amaze the public with its scope and this time it has invited guests to see English china Royal Crown Derby and italian leather sofas by Ulivi Salotti.
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