Beautiful solid wood furniture: types of wood

Beautiful solid wood furniture: types of wood

High-quality and beautiful solid wood furniture never goes out of fashion. Designers of leading furniture factories create excellent chairs and buffets made of expensive wood using solid wood oak , as well as hevei and the exotic rosewood . We took care of our customers and collected a collection of excellent furniture in a classic style, combining the products of different companies according to the types of furnishings, as well as the material from which they are made. Now it will be very convenient for you to navigate on the page.

If you need luxury furniture made of solid wood Karelian birch from the famous British company Titchmarsh & Goodwin - select the appropriate section.

Many new products from leading furniture factories are made of oak. These are solid tables and carved chairs. Those who want to furnish a living room or a dining room, classic furniture made of solid wood with high durability and high decorative qualities, will suit best.

There is always demand for luxury furniture made of exotic wood - sandalwood or mahogany, which are often combined under the general title " mahogany . In our collection you will find a large selection of elegant tables and consoles from the best European and American factories made from this noble wood. Go to the " Mahogany Furniture " section. A light reddish tinge and soft shine is distinguished by beautiful wooden furniture cherry or reha . This is the favorite material of Italian cabinetmakers.

We specifically identified the products from rosewood - after all, an unusually beautiful striped pattern of the fibers of this tree will not be confused with what. We recommend to purchase some of the new products to decorate your home.

There are real masterpieces of hardwood - ash tree and acacia - which repeat vintage patterns.

Designer furniture from solid wood birch looks very fresh and original. Often, chairs and tables of modern outlines are made of it, they give quaint bends and are combined with metal details. We recommend lovers of high-tech style to pay attention to this section of the catalog.

A very different impression can make your living room, if it will be designer furniture made of wood, brought from the equatorial forests of Africa. Just one table or chest of black ebony will add some charm and individuality to the interior eclecticism.

Now you know why traditional classic furniture is always in demand - wood of different species has an interesting texture and differs in color and pattern of fibers. Masters of leading furniture factories skillfully use these features of wood and create excellent pieces of furniture that we are pleased to present to our customers.

Beautiful solid wood furniture: types of wood
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