Presentation of Vi Spring

Presentation of Vi Spring

On May 30, 2012, a meeting with the representatives of the British luxurious beds manufacturer Vi-Spring took place in Charles.Cameron Interior Gallery.

This Year, on April 21, during her birthday celebrations the British Queen commemorated the success of Vi-Spring factory with the prestigious Queen’s Award for the perfect quality of products.

Vi-Spring believes that sleeping on the appropriate bed you can wholly change your life. All Vi-Spring mattresses are custom-made by hand in Devon. This approach is uncompromising but for such intimate part of our life as sleeping this is the only way to make sure every bed guarantees not only ultimate comfort, but perfectly suits its owner.

The factory was founded in 1901 году, and it was Vi-Spring who first manufactured a mattress with the internal covered bedsprings: the innovation, which changed the way the beds are manufactured.

Vi-Spring has never deviated from its belief that the manufacture of the best beds in the world can only be entrusted to the most experienced craftsmen, while using only the top-quality materials. This is the reason why Vi-Spring beds for over one hundred years have been the only possible choice for those who seek for the best.

The guests of the event who shared the judgment of Her Majesty had the opportunity to watch a unique film about all stages of production of those luxurious beds and experience the level of comfort of the mattresses, exhibited in the Gallery.

Presentation of Vi Spring
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