5 years since opening

5 years since opening

In the beginning of the evening Olga Kushnareva, Ziyad Manasir and Alexey Likhachev, co-owners of the company and business partners, greeted their guests in homely manner chosen for the evening and opened the new facets of the company uniqueness and new stages of its development.

The company philosophy is based on deep respect to the historical traditions, culture, and experience of great masters. This is the reason why the event program unfolded around FIVE (according to the number of years) unique master classes.

Their uniqueness was mainly due to the masters who held them.

The heraldry master class was presented by Mikhail Yurievich MEDVEDED, co-founder and Chairman of the Heraldry Artists Guild, member of the Heraldry Council under the President of the Russian Federation, State Councilor of III grade, corresponding member of the International Academy of Heraldry (AIH)

The monograms master class was presented Maria-Antonia Mishenko, professional font designer, graduate of the Saint-Petersburg Arts Academy named after Shtiglitz. During this master class the guests learned the history and essence of monograms and the methods to create their own unique sign.

Roman Kovalishin, florist and decorator, co-owner of Dorogobogato Company, who has been involved in the floristic and decorative design of residential and public premises for 6 years, told about the art of composition for classical interiors.

The fourth master, Alexey Novoselov, brand ambassador of William Grant & Sons, presented his master class about Glenfiddich whiskey, the most recognized single-malt whiskey in the world. Starting from 2000 no distillery could even come close to the record of Glenfiddich – 130 awards received at ISC and IWSC.

The fifth master – Sergey Lebedev, Events Organization Service Director and permanent training manager of Pushkin café, who has been working in this legendary establishment for 12 years – presented his master class on table setting for special occasions and revealed the secrets of “right” porcelain selection.

The cooking show by Felix Schultes, chief cook of Teatro del Gusto Academy, was the culmination of the evening. He demonstrated not only his skill, but also unique devices produced by American legend SUB-ZERO and WOLF, partner companies. The show unfolded at the main arena of celebration – new display of English factory Smallbone of Devizes. British brand Smallbone of Devizes has been a recognized standard of masterpieces in the area of design and furniture production for more than 30 years.

The blowing out of candles at a wonderful cake by Pushkin confectionery and exchange of enthusiastic reviews about the masters between the guests marked the climax of event. The interior gallery received many complements and ovations of architects, designers, clients, and partners. And what else one needs to feel great at five!

5 years since opening
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