Gift certificates

Gift certificates

Our Charles.Cameron interior gallery offers to purchase gift certificates of different denominations for the purchase of exclusive interior items. Everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to choose a worthy gift for someone who already has everything. You can please your dear people and please their exquisite taste.

Invite them to visit the Charles Cameron design store. With a gift certificate, they can choose for themselves a long-desired piece of furniture or a refined decoration for the living room.

The gift certificate, which is issued by the shop of interior items, gives the right to purchase goods of luxury brands from world famous designers, luxury textiles. It also extends to Butler Service.

We are pleased to offer you gift certificates in denominations of 8, 12, 20 or 40 thousand rubles. Upon request, we can issue a certificate for any amount specified by the buyer.

“Gift Certificate” Terms of Use:
  1. For the purchase of items under the certificate, all discounts that are valid at this time apply.
  2. The certificate is used at one time and for the entire amount specified in it.
  3. The certificate is used at one time and for the entire amount specified in it.
  4. If the purchase price exceeds the one indicated in the certificate, a surcharge will be charged.
  5. Gift certificate cannot be cashed.
  6. It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and expires after the expiration of this period.
  7. In case of loss, the certificate is not restored!  

    Make a luxurious gift to your family, friends and colleagues! Give them a gift certificate to the store of stylish interior items Charles Cameron!

Gift certificates
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