Now in Cannes!

Now in Cannes!

August 22 in the south of France, the Grand Opening of the interior gallery Charles.Cameron. This grand event marks the appearance of the first Russian showroom luxury level on the Cote d'Azur and the first European showroom Christopher Peacock. Working on the project interior gallery in Cannes Russian designer Olga Kushnareva tried to preserve the unique design and the traditional approach , which is characteristic for showroom Charles.Cameron in Moscow. It combines classic and modern styles , interesting colors and different textures .

Now in Europe, for Russian and foreign guests is available a full range of company Charles.Cameron on integrated implementation of architectural and interior design projects. In Cannes showroom is always available a wide range of different interior to the most exacting taste. A rich library of catalogs and samples will allow customers to pick up any item .

Presented in a gallery exhibition of the American brand Christopher Peacock has gained much popularity due to a combination of luxury and elegant, compact design. This brand is famous for attention to detail and high quality of its products. Worldwide, Christopher Peacock remains the standard of taste and elegance.

We are waiting for you in Cannes on the Cote d'Azur at 45 Boulevard De La Croisette / 1 Rue Victor Cousin, tel . : +33 ( 0) 493 301 010

Now in Cannes!
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